KTM Case Study

KTM Case Study

Leading technology and innovative activations with KTM.
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Leading technology and innovative activations with KTM.


 The partnership with KTM was born from the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer’s desire to add a high-quality communications accessory to their iconic Powers Parts line-up. Combining Cardo’s cutting-edge technology, with KTM’s striking design elements, KTM saw the opportunity and value in collaborating with Cardo.  

 Products used  



 KTM and Cardo joined forces to launch a special edition of the premium PACKTALK EDGE. The ‘KTM PACKTALK EDGE’ perfectly syncs with the advanced tech, power and thrills that KTM riders feel through their handlebars, whether ripping up the tarmac, tackling a trail or getting ruthless with a rut. 

 The KTM PACKTALK EDGE comes with a distinctive KTM color and graphics. The unit is water, dust and mudproof and comes with Cardo’s unique magnetic ‘Air Mount’ which offers a universal fit of the slimline and antenna-free unit to all helmets.  


 From the start, there was a close working relationship between the team at Cardo and KTM, ensuring that the product was maximized across the numerous channels available.  

 A full technical support package was produced for the KTM team for in-depth knowledge about the Cardo devices to be shared throughout the brand.  

 The Marketing and PR teams linked up for a cohesive and integrated launch, complete with lifestyle imagery of the units in use and utilization of joint Cardo and KTM ambassadors, stunt rider Rok Bargaros and off-road star Chris Birch.  

 This strong relationship has continued since the product introduction and has seen various initiatives come to fruition to further promote the units, including at its Motohall in Austria. KTM also offer participants in the KTM RIDE ORANGE EXPERIENCE - an extraordinary demo ride from the KTM Motohall - the opportunity to hire a KTM PACKTALK EDGE for the ride.  

 The Austrian brand also showcased the KTM PACKTALK EDGE units during the global launch and reintroduction of the KTM SMT to the line-up. Over 60 journalists and influencers from 17 countries were able to try out the new motorcycle and the KTM PACKTALK EDGE played a vital role, keeping riding guides in constant communication.  

Client Testimonial  

 Federico Valentini, KTM Head of Global Marketing, said: “Our alliance with Cardo means we can celebrate two things that are really important to us at KTM. The first is equipping KTM riders with leading technology to maximize their riding experience and we know that Cardo is one of the best partners to be able to achieve this. The KTM PACKTALK Edge is a great piece of kit that will help make a difference to any shared trip with say a KTM DUKE or KTM ADVENTURE. The second is making sure that any journey with a KTM is as fun and thrilling and memorable as it can be. If this is done with friends or bike buddies then even better and where the KTM PACKTALK Edge becomes pretty indispensable.” 

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