Cardo Systems PACKTALK Bold – Lifesaving First Responder Communications Systems

Cardo Systems PACKTALK Bold – Lifesaving First Responder Communications Systems

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Communicating as a First Responder

Communication is key when it comes to public safety. Dispatchers need to be able to communicate with first responders in real-time so they can get to the person in need as quickly as possible. Riding a motorcycle can be an asset when responding in an emergency. These vehicles are lightweight and compact, helping the rider weave through traffic in congested areas. They can also reach remote areas that may be inaccessible to passenger vehicles during natural disasters and other public emergencies.

But communicating while riding a motorcycle can be a challenge for some public safety teams. The rider needs to keep their eyes on the road while communicating. They also need to have a full view of the road in front of them. Many riders use Bluetooth headsets to wirelessly connect to their radio or mobile device for hands-free communication behind the wheel.

Factors to Consider When Communicating as a First Responder

The market is full of Bluetooth communication devices, but many of them aren’t designed for professional use. First responders need to use an emergency communication system that will hold up in any condition. Here are just some of the factors to consider:


Riders must be able to quickly connect with a wide range of wireless communication systems when riding, including emergency responders outside of their organization. The communication system needs to be compatible with these different systems, or some information could get lost in translation. Updating to the latest technology will help these teams coordinate with additional safety personnel.

Situational Awareness

Nothing could be more important than the rider’s safety when responding to an emergency. The communication device should enhance situational awareness by letting team members communicate with each other in real-time. Officers can quickly alert one another as the situation around them evolves. This can improve response times and reduce the risks of the job. The officer should also be able to turn their head and see what’s going on around them without their communication equipment getting in the way. 


This technology also needs to be deployable for it to be practical in the field. Officers should be able to quickly grab and use their devices without needing additional assistance or accessories. It should be easy to store and transport for maximum mobility. 

What makes the Cardo System PACKTALK Bold a great solution for the task?

“Set-and-forget” Dynamic Mesh Communication connectivity means that once the PACKTALK Bold units are paired, they’re paired for life – there’s no fiddling around at the beginning or end of a shift trying to get them all to pair, making the experience smooth with the confidence it’s reliable. The automatic reconnection of the units also saves time while out on the road when the riders move in and out of the standard 1600-meter (one mile) range of the PACKTALK Bold, especially in emergency situations with up to 15 riders.

Correctly heard information can make a big difference for first responder riders. That is where the 40mm speakers – with sound by JBL – are truly beneficial. By offering riders the “Ultimate Sound Experience,” voice communications can be heard with extreme clarity which assures there is no miscommunication when it comes to life and death scenarios. The Automatic Volume Control adjusts the sound volume based on the outside ambient noise, too, so users can be sure they don’t miss critical communication due to the noise of an engine, sirens or wind.

When free-falling through the air, it is not always possible to press buttons – just like when riding a police or ambulance motorcycle. That’s where the Natural Voice Operation comes in. Riders can simply say “Hey Cardo” and the device reacts instantly to follow the given command, without the rider having to press any buttons. The seamless integration with Apple’s Siri™ and “OK Google”™ voice-command platforms is just another added benefit.

The 13 hours of battery life and the ability to charge on the go ensures that users are always connected and don’t have to worry about running out of battery when moving in to make that important arrest.

After all that, the PACKTALK Bold is water- and dustproof, enabling it to be used in all weather conditions with confidence.

VP Global Sales at Cardo Systems Jonathan Yanai comments: “We’re extremely proud to be the communicator of choice for such uses. We pride ourselves on helping people carry out their jobs as effectively as possible and aim to make use of the unit as seamless as possible for them.

“The units used by selected police riders of France, South Africa and the UK and the Red Lions parachute team over in Singapore are the same as what we sell to customers, which you have to admit is pretty cool! Being used in such challenging conditions, we learn a lot through feedback from these users about innovations and improvements, too, which are ultimately put into products for customers.

“There has been a 37% reduction in accidents since the Israeli police started using the Cardo units 10 years ago. Its two-wheeled fleet contains 1,450 vehicles in total – 350 motorcycles and 1,100 scooters. When asked about the effectiveness of the units, Yaron Ben Yossef, Senior Staff Sergeant Major, Head of Motorcycles Section, Terrorism and Riot Control Sector and Emergency Department in Israel, simply says: ‘This system saves lives.’”