Cross-Country Road Trip Essentials: 5 Things You Need to Pack

Cross-Country Road Trip Essentials: 5 Things You Need to Pack

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There is no feeling of more peace and joy than going on long-distance cross-country motorcycle road trips. Traveling through the fresh and long open roads and different types of green terrains is just what motorcycle enthusiasts need after months of hard work and busy lifestyle routines. If you are a fellow biker you will not have a problem understanding what I am trying to say. You will agree that traveling on your two-wheeler beauty and going on long-distance countryside trips can help you unwind and relax in no time.

We are living a busy and mostly unhealthy lifestyle, where driving a car has made us, even more, unhealthier and prone to developing bad habits. While car drivers unintendedly develop bad eating habits like eating their fast food while driving and sit for prolonged periods of time while commuting through everyday traffic.

Prolonged sitting in the car, eating junk food while driving is nothing short of a recipe for a disaster. Whereas, riding a bike is a whole different dimension. You cannot eat while riding a bike, you will need to focus and pay attention to all of your surroundings and roads, you will sit while maintaining a good posture and you will use your legs and arms repeatedly to balance and control your motorbike. Do you see the difference?

All of these facts point to the direction that riding a motorcycle is healthy. But don’t take my word for it. Many health experts and scientific studies have already proven that riding a motorcycle has both physical and mental health benefits. And on top of that planning, a road trip to explore some close to nature areas can kick your health and mood up a notch.

However, there a couple of things that you may struggle with while planning for a trip. One of those things is packing. Packing, am I right? You can spend hours staring at your belongings and things and still be confused about what to take with you. Or maybe you are the type of person who overpacks or maybe tends to under pack.

Whatever the case may be, now that you are reading this article you are going to know exactly what type of items you should pack or better yet, here are the top 5 road trip essential items that you can pack to ensure a safe, entertaining and memorable journey.

1- A tire repair kit

No matter how many years of riding experience you have under your belt. Getting a flat tire in the middle of the road is something that you have no control over. If you are going for a cross-country road trip chances are you will travel through different types of rough terrains and your ride’s tires will be responsible for making your bike go through all these types of terrains. Rough terrains mean rocks with irregular or sharp edges and other types of debris.

Going through such rough terrains can puncture your bike’s tire. And with a flat or a damaged tire you will not be able to continue. So to deal with such a situation ensure you carry with yourself a tire-repairing kit. Use your motorbike luggage bags or motorcycle backpack bags to carry the kit easily.

2- A paper map

Now, before you feel invincible and say you have got your GPS device or map in your smartphone, stop and rethink. You are going on a countryside voyage that ultimately means that there will be less cell phone signal coverage. There go your digital map services.

In remote areas where you don’t get a mobile signal, let alone the ability to use fast 4G internet. In such areas, the chances of you getting lost are pretty high. And where your digital maps or GPS devices may strop working a paper map of the area will come in handy for sure and will help you to stay on track and save your valuable fuel and time.

3- Motorcycle riding attire

How you dress for your road trip is going to directly impact your ability to stay comfortable and attentive. Weathers can change very quickly. The weather may seem sunny and calm when you leave for your trip. But going a few miles down the road can make a huge difference. There can be rain or severely hot temperatures or it can get chilly.

You have to pack proper outfits to cope with all the weather situations. If the weather is sunny you can wear a motorcycle vest to stay dry and comfy but ensure to pack a rain suit or a leather jacket in case the weather gets chilly.

4- Don’t forget the small things

While worrying about packing the ‘right’ stuff many tend to overlook the importance of packing small essential items that prove to be a huge inconvenience throughout the whole trip. Items like a flashlight, cell phone charger, snacks for the road, water, an extra supply of fuel, etc. can make your trip very smooth if you don’t forget to pack them.

5- A camera

I have no clue why would you even forget about packing a camera. Not having a camera, to begin with, is a different thing. But if you have a good quality camera and still decide to leave it behind, it is beyond me. You need a good quality camera to take pictures everywhere you go. By taking pictures you can create long-lasting memories.

You will see your pictures in the future and will feel all the enjoyment and peacefulness you experienced on your road adventure. Therefore, to make your trip memorable and to be able to have something to shoe for your trips pack a good quality DSLR camera.

There you have it the top 5 cross-country road trip essential items that you can pack to make your trip more fun. However, you can pack anything that you like to carry with you. But the key is that you do not overburden yourself nor your bike. Because carrying too many items will make you uncomfortable and will negatively impact your ride’s performance.