Honda Case Study

Honda Case Study

You can talk ‘…to the nicest people on a Honda’ - Honda embraces connectivity with Cardo.
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You can talk ‘…to the nicest people on a Honda’ - Honda embraces connectivity with Cardo


 Cardo approached Honda Motor Europe about becoming an official authorized partner when looking to expand its work as an Official Equipment Manufacturer.  

Products used



 Cardo and Honda Motor Europe’s partnership allowed the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer to jointly offer riders a Honda-branded, Cardo communications device as an officially licensed product across Europe.

 Based on Cardo’s top-of-the-range PACKTALK EDGE device, the Honda PACKTALK EDGE offers riders second-generation Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) connectivity, unparalleled deep wideband sound quality, a magnetic Air Mount, JBL speakers and a noise-cancelling microphone. Riders can also connect the EDGE to selected Honda Motorcycle TFT screens to enhance their ride.

 Brandishing the Honda winged logo in red on the shiny black outer edge of the device, it’s unstated and subtle, but unmistakably a Honda licensed product. The units are sold through Honda’s website as well as Honda dealers across Europe.


Along with the product launch, a full training program plan was developed with Honda Motor Europe staff as well as a whole suite of marketing materials including data sheets, information booklets and website graphics.

 Coordinated press releases were sent to European motorcycling media announcing both the launch of the device in July 2022 and its availability a few months later.

 As part of its implementation, the Honda EDGE devices have become the ‘official communicator’ of Honda’s iconic Adventure Roads programmes - playing a pivotal role in both event organization and customer communications on the epic trips to extreme environments since 2022 - including Iceland and Morocco.

 A full photo and video shoot was arranged with a mutual Key Opinion Leader, Kirian Mirabet, between both brands to maximize the partnership and help promote the product launch.

 Client Testimonial

 Nick Bennett, European Brand Marketing Section Manager at Honda Motor Europe:

“I have personal experience with the Honda PACKTALK EDGE devices from my work on the Honda Adventure Roads project, where the devices were used to help coordinate the shooting of content in Morocco. The Cardo device’s were amazing! For myself, the riders and the film team to be able to communicate so easily allowed so much by way of efficiency, highlighting the brilliance of the product.”

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