6 Motorcycle Theft Prevention Tips

6 Motorcycle Theft Prevention Tips

1. Use a Motorcycle Alarm

It’s not exactly the quietest solution, but it can get the job done. Most of us are so used to hearing car alarms at this point, but they do serve a purpose. The anti-theft lock will cry out if someone is trying to mess with your bike. If you hear the buzzing sound, head out to the parking lot to make sure your bike is still intact. This may not be the best choice if you won’t be able to hear the beeping sound from your desk or couch. 

2. Install a Disc Brake Lock

No one will be able to move your motorcycle when it’s saddled with a disc brake lock, so you don’t have to worry about someone making off with your precious ride. You can use it with or instead of a fork lock brake, which prevents the front wheel from moving. The disc brake lock keeps your entire bike from moving, effectively keeping it safe until you return. However, you’ll have to make room in your bag for the lock, which can be a deal-breaker for some riders.

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3. Use a GPS for Tracking a Stolen Bike

If the thieves manage to steal your motorcycle, the GPS will help you retrieve it as fast as possible. Many riders will stick a tiny GPS tracker onto their bike. They can then track it down in a matter of minutes when it ends up in the wrong hands. Tell the police you’ve been robbed, and they will help you recover it by tracking the bike in real-time. You can also teach the thieves a lesson if you feel like turning into a vigilante, but it’s usually better to wait until the authorities arrive.

4. Add a Voice Communication System

Sometimes, the thieves won’t wait for you to leave your bike when trying to steal it. Riders have come up with all sorts of ways to protect their property from theft, so some thieves will try to steal the bike right from under you. 

Use a motorcycle Bluetooth headset to stay in contact with the outside world when riding around. You can call for help or send out your location in real-time if you happen to run into a group of criminals. The motorcycle Bluetooth headset fits right into your helmet for hands-free calling anywhere, anytime. Look for Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers that let you communicate while riding without distracting you from the situation at hand. 

5. Lock the Ignition

You can also lock out the ignition, so the perpetrators can’t start the engine. Just because the ignition is off doesn’t mean the thieves won’t be able to steal your bike. Some people can hotwire a bike in just a few minutes. Use an ignition lock to prevent others from taking control of your ride. The lock plate is small, so it will easily fit in your bag. Locking the ignition only takes a few seconds. 

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6. Choose Your Parking Spot Wisely

You have a lot of say over where you store your bike when it’s not in use. Some say it’s better to park in a well-lit area with lots of foot traffic instead of tucking the bike in a dark corner. You can rely on security camera footage when parking in public areas. Ask your employer or the local authorities to review the footage, so they can see who made off with your ride. 

Hidden areas can be useful as well, but it depends on the situation. A thief can toil away in the shadows until they free your bike, assuming they can find it. It’s usually best to leave your bike in a designated motorcycle parking lot, where it will be safer in a group. 

If your bike tends to turn heads on the street, consider covering it when you leave it on the street to avoid the unwanted attention. Bikes get stolen every day, but these tips should help you avoid the worst-case scenario.


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