Tips for Choosing the Best Motorcycle for Tall Riders

Tips for Choosing the Best Motorcycle for Tall Riders

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Lots of motorcycles can leave your legs feeling scrunched. Your knees can get in the way of your arms as you try to steer the bike. You might also have to do more work to support your back, which puts more pressure on your arms and wrists. Riding the wrong size bike isn’t just uncomfortable; it also increases your risk of injury. Use helmet communication while riding regardless of what type of bike you use to make sure you can call for help in an emergency.

The good news is manufacturers are making more of an effort to cater to taller riders. You can also customize your bike by adding a higher seat. Learn how to find an ergonomically friendly bike that won’t cramp your style on the road.

Add Helmet Communication for More Peace of Mind

Choose the Right Make and Model

There are several motorcycles on the market that are designed specifically for taller riders, including the Suzuki DR-Z400S, Honda XR650L and Yamaha Tenere 700. These bikes come with taller mounts and higher handlebars, so you don’t have to lean over as far when riding. U.S. manufacturers like Harley Davidson tend to offer a better selection. For example, the seat on an HD is 28.6 inches off the ground, which is a bit higher than what you’d normally find on a low-sitting cruiser. You can also visit a local retailer or motorcycle shop to speak to a sales representative in person.

Find a Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset That Fits Your Bike

Additional Considerations

  • Riding Position

You will need to maintain a comfortable position while riding. Keep your back straight, knees bent and your arms forward. Taller riders usually prefer to sit up straight while riding instead of leaning forward. You can raise the foot pegs or handlebars to adjust your riding position as needed.

  • Suspension

The suspension has a strong bearing on the overall height of the motorcycle. Offroad motorcycles have higher suspensions that raise the seat height — but remember that the suspension will compress once you sit down. You might also be able to adjust the suspension to adjust the seat height further.

  • Seat Height

This is one of the first metrics you want to consider when looking for a motorcycle. It shows you how high you will sit off the ground. Compare the seat height from various makes and models based on what feels the most comfortable to you. Installing an aftermarket seat will help you raise the seat by a couple of extra inches.

Safety First

It’s always better to find an appropriately sized motorcycle instead of trying to get around on a bike that doesn’t fit. Use all the necessary safety gear to minimize your risk of injury, including pants, boots, a jacket, gloves and a helmet.

Keep a motorcycle Bluetooth headset on hand to wirelessly connect to your smartphone or GPS while riding. You shouldn’t reach for your device or look down at your phone while riding. Keep your mobile devices in a secure, upright position to avoid taking your eyes off the road.

Use a Half Helmet Bluetooth Headset

Finding a Riding Helmet

You might run into similar size/fit issues when selecting the proper safety gear. Most helmets are one-size-fits-all with an adjustable strap for securing the helmet into place. Your full-face helmet should wrap all the way around your head and face, including your chin. If your head doesn’t fit in the helmet even with the strap on the widest setting, you might have to wear a skull cap instead.

Make sure your helmet is compatible with your Bluetooth communication system. If you use a skull cap, pair it with a half helmet Bluetooth headset to keep the microphone within range.

You might have trouble finding a bike that fits, but don’t give up. There’s a bike out there made for you. Use these tips to stay safe on the road regardless of which bike you choose.