3 Best Motorcycle Roads in Germany

3 Best Motorcycle Roads in Germany

Germany is definitely one of the best places in the world to ride a motorcycle. It’s home to architectural wonders, including ancient castles, sprawling farmlands and rolling hills, plus all the bratwurst you can eat! Major cities like Berlin and Munich tend to attract big crowds, especially in the summer, so this is your chance to get out and explore. You can fly to Germany from the U.S. or from another European country and rent a motorcycle when you arrive — or you can ride your motorcycle all the way there and back if you’re up for a long road trip.

It’s best to plan out your route in Germany before you depart to make sure things go smoothly. Riding a motorcycle in Germany isn’t the same as riding in other countries. You’ll need to learn the local rules of the road to stay safe as you venture through some of the world’s best motorcycle trails. Use this guide to prepare for a successful motorcycle trip in Germany.

Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in Germany

Knowing when to go motorcycling in Germany is just as important as choosing your destination. The mountains tend to experience heavy snowfall in the winter months, so be sure to check the weather and avoid driving in slick conditions. Summer tends to be the preferred time of year to travel on a motorcycle.

It’s important to remember that Germany is the only European country that doesn’t impose an official speed limit. It comes with a recommended speed limit of 130 kilometers, but you may need to slow down in certain areas. Many areas have speed limits in place, but the autobahn still lets you drive as fast as you want. That doesn’t mean you should take unnecessary risks on the road. If you plan on driving faster than normal, bring along a first aid kit and wear pads as an added precaution.

If you want to rent a bike in Germany, you’ll need to be 25 years old or older with at least two years of experience and a valid ID card or U.S. passport. The country has strict rules regarding motor vehicle safety. You and your companion must wear a helmet when riding and motorcycle gloves. Look for the ECE 22 E-Mark on the helmet to ensure it’s street-legal. Try using a motorcycle helmet communication device to talk wirelessly to your fellow riders on the road without having to physically reach for your device.

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Where to Go Motorcycling in Germany

Foggy highway in Black Forest

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1. The B500 Black Forest Highway

The B500 remains a top destination among motorcycle tourists. It swings up and down through the acres of pristine forests on the edge of the Alps. You’ll see sprawling views in every direction as the elevation rises and falls. Be sure to stop by the town of Baden-Baden, also known as Spa Town, for a relaxing soak halfway through your journey.

2. Hohenzollern Castle Tour

Perhaps the most beautiful castle in all of Europe, Hohenzollern is worth the trip if you happen to be in the area. It’s tucked in the towering hills of Baden-Württemberg near the Black Forest, like something out of a children’s book. The structure itself tends to be popular with tourists, so plan to pass through without staying more than a few hours.

3. Twisty Heaven: Erdmannshöhle

If you’re looking for more outdoor adventure, make your way over to the small town of Hasel to see the Erdmannshöhle cave, which is filled with crystalized limestone and breathtaking rock formations that are truly out of this world. You can spend the day taking a tour and exploring the surrounding villages before driving back through the mountains.

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Aerial view of famous Hohenzollern Castle

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The road is calling. Use these tips to tackle the best motorcycle routes in Germany as you soak up the local culture/scenery.