Cardo Freecom vs. Packtalk Units: What's the Difference?

Cardo Freecom vs. Packtalk Units: What's the Difference?

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Cardo is known for making state-of-the-art wireless headsets for motorcycle riders. The Cardo Packtalk series uses the latest technology, including Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC), to connect up to 15 riders on the road. The Freecom 4x is also a great choice for those who travel in a group. It can connect up to four riders, so you and three of your closest friends can talk hands-free on the road. So, which one is right for you? Use our Cardo Freecom vs. Packtalk Units comparison guide to find the right headset(s) for your group.

Cardo Freecom vs. Packtalk Units: Similarities

Let’s start with what these product lines have in common. Both are Bluetooth motorcycle helmet communication devices that connect riders wirelessly on the road. The headsets are attached to the side of the helmet using a magnetic or clickable mount that keeps the device firmly in place. All the headsets are compact and completely waterproof to help you ride in any weather.

They also come with the same battery, offering up to 13 hours of continuous talk time. It charges after two hours, with two hours of talk time after just 20 minutes of charging. They also last in standby mode for up to 10 days.

You won’t find any changes in the audio. They all use 40mm JBL speakers featuring automatic volume control to help you hear traffic sounds.


The main difference between the Cardo Freecom and the individual Packtalk units is how they communicate.

Cardo Systems FREECOM4x


Featured: Cardo Freecom 4x

The Cardo Freecom includes the 2x and 4x options. The Cardo Freecom 2x includes a headset for pairing two riders. The Cardo 4x headset can connect anywhere from two to four riders. Use the Cardo Freecom 4x if you need to talk to four riders at a time.

The Packtalk series includes the Packtalk Edge, Packtalk Neo, Packtalk Slim and Packtalk Custom. Each item includes one headset and a full audio kit for mounting and pairing the device. This series connects anywhere from two to 15 riders at a time using DMC technology. Riders can drop out of formation without disrupting the connection. If someone falls out of range, the rest of the group can keep talking without having to reset the device.

The Packtalk Edge comes with an air attachment for faster mounting and a longer warranty. Use the Cardo Packtalk Edge if you plan on connecting to more than four riders at a time and plan to ride almost every day.

Shop The Cardo Packtalk Edge to Connect Up to 15 Riders at a Time


Another figure that’s likely to jump out at you is the price. The Cardo Packtalk Edge comes in at $389.85 per model, while the Freecom 4x is currently priced at $269.95. You can find less expensive Packtalk units if you don’t need as many features, including the Packtalk Neo for $319.95, the Packtalk Slim for $254.96 and the Packtalk Custom for $269.95 with pay-per-feature. If you’re looking to save money and only need the bare minimum for you and three friends, the Freecom 4x is the most affordable option, but you won’t be able to connect to anyone outside your group.


The range varies considerably between the two series. The Packtalk Edge, Custom and Neo all come with a max rider-to-rider range of one mile, while the max group range is five miles. The Packtalk Slim and Freecom 4x come in second with a rider-to-rider range of 0.75 mile and a max group range of 3.7 miles. The Freecom 2x comes in third with a rider-to-rider and max group range of 0.5 mile.

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User Interface

All the Packtalk units and Freecom 4x come with natural voice operation, so you can access various features using your voice. Just say, “Hey, Cardo…” to start up a conversation, play a song or check the GPS for directions.

The Freecom 2x lacks this feature, so you’ll need to pair the two devices before hitting the road.

Choose The Right Cardo Unit for You

There’s no wrong option when shopping for wireless headsets at Cardo Systems. The latest models offer better connectivity to help you stay focused on the road, but they are more expensive. The Freecom series is less expensive, but you won’t be able to connect to as many riders.

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