Essential Dirt Bike Riding Gear

Essential Dirt Bike Riding Gear

Riding dirt bikes is some of the messiest, rowdiest, loudest fun that a person can have on two wheels. But before you go out to tear it up, it’s crucial to make sure that you’re rocking the essential dirt bike riding gear. 

So, what should you make sure to have when getting on a dirt bike? We’ve got the basics of essential dirt bike riding gear lined up for you here. Whether you’re deep in the woods on a trail or ripping up a motocross track, here’s what you need to have for a safe and fun dirt bike ride. 

1. Full Face Dirt Bike Helmet

Wearing a DOT-approved helmet is just as important on a dirt bike as it is on any motorcycle or ATV. It’s the one piece of essential dirt bike riding gear that has the most potential to save your life or protect you from serious injury, so don’t skimp or go cheap on this one. 

Dirt bike riding almost always demands a full face helmet. Why? Open face helmets lack a chin bar to protect your jaw and teeth. A dirt bike crash often causes the rider’s face to strike the handlebars or the ground with extreme force, which can mean lost teeth or a broken jaw. A dirt bike helmet should also include either built-in eye protection or a cutout to accommodate a pair of riding goggles. (We’ll talk more about this below.) 

You should look for a dual-sport or dirt bike-specific helmet. These helmets contain important features like a flip-down visor for directing dirt and rocks away from your face and shielding your eyes from the sun. They also usually include ventilation points to improve the helmet’s comfort while you’re riding. 

2. Dirt Bike Riding Boots

A good pair of dirt bike riding boots is also part of the essential dirt bike riding gear kit. You’ll need them to help keep your feet on the pegs and protect your legs and feet from flying debris, crush injuries and the heat of the bike’s engine. 

Dirt bike boots should extend most of the way up your thigh and include a full leather upper for durability. There should be strong ankle support and padding built into the boots to provide stability and prevent ankle injuries. Look for dirt bike boots with durable buckles, as these are often one of the first components to fail. 

dirt biker wearing helmet

3. Dirt Bike Riding Gloves

Dirt bike riding gloves will help you keep a good grip on the handlebars and protect your hands from injury. Choose a pair with rubberized grips and a leather body for durability. It’s also good to look for dirt bike gloves with armor built into the knuckles to protect these sensitive points from injuries in a crash. 

4. Dirt Bike Riding Goggles 

Not only is riding a dirt bike without eye protection dangerous, it’s not much fun. Your tires will constantly be throwing up dirt and debris from the track or trail, and a lot of it will hit you in the face. Thus, a good pair of goggles is a must-have for every dirt bike rider. 

As previously mentioned, many dirt bike helmets come with built-in eye protection. If you choose to go with separate dirt bike goggles and helmet, make sure that the goggles and helmet models you choose are compatible with each other. Many dirt bike riders choose goggles that have replaceable lenses so you can pop in new lenses if the old ones get scratched up or switch out lenses for different riding conditions. 

5. Dirt Bike Riding Pants

Your favorite pair of jeans won’t do enough to protect you on a dirt bike, and you just might end up ruining them in the process. Instead, opt for a durable pair of dirt bike riding pants. 

A good pair of dirt bike riding pants will be made from a flexible material that gives your legs a full range of motion while protecting you from scratches and snags you might encounter while trail riding. In addition, you should choose a moisture-wicking fabric that helps keep your skin dry and wicks away sweat while you’re riding. 

6. Dirt Bike Helmet Communication System

A dirt bike helmet communication system is crucial for keeping in touch while you’re riding. It’s especially important if you’re headed out onto rural trails where you might get lost, separated or injured. Plus, you can use your helmet speakers to bump your favorite music while you’re riding, and who doesn’t enjoy some great tunes when they’re revving up? 

7. Dirt Bike Racing Gear 

If you’re doing serious motocross racing on your dirt bike, you should also have the following:

  • Knee braces
  • Motocross shirt
  • Elbow guards
  • Neck brace 
  • Body armor

These essential dirt bike riding gear components will help keep you safe during the extremely demanding physical motions that motocross requires. 

dirt bike racer

Protecting your body should always be your number one priority when riding a dirt bike. For more tips on how to ride a dirt bike safely, check out our ultimate guide to dirt bike riding for beginners