5 Gifts for ATV Riders

5 Gifts for ATV Riders

Every ATVer loves getting new gear for the holidays. It’s the kind of hobby festive shoppers dream about, producing endless gift ideas. The technology powering riders continues to evolve, with exciting new products coming online every year just in time for the nation’s busiest shopping season. From safety gear to performance-enhancing clothing that suits their style, the never-ending selection makes it easy to put a smile on your off-roader’s face.

Even if they’re stocked with riding accessories, most items must be replaced every few years. So, why not get them something that will keep them safer and more comfortable on the trail? Add these gifts for ATV riders to your shopping list to wow the gearhead in your life.

1. Wireless Off-Road Communication

Give the gift of gab this season with a wireless headset to help them talk hands-free while riding. They can use off-road communication to connect to another rider automatically when in range. The device mounts onto any helmet for fast pairing. It’s waterproof and durable enough to withstand all the mud-slinging. Your off-roader can use it to coordinate with their companions as they navigate the trail or get tips from their instructor as they learn to control the ATV. They can focus on the terrain without taking their eyes off the path or their hands off the handlebars.

Give the Gift of Off-Road Communication

2. Off-Roading Gloves

Gloves should be mandatory for riders even if they use handguards. We’re talking about the ultra-durable, waterproof kind with seamless, anti-tear construction and reinforced grips. Your rider needs to protect their hands from all the debris flying through the air to control the vehicle. Excess moisture, poor circulation and perspiration can cause their hands to slip, making it harder to steer and accelerate.

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3. Vented or Forced-Air Helmet

They will need a helmet to ride, preferably a full-face model with an anti-fog visor and ventilation to increase visibility. Even if your ATVer loves their helmet, they need to replace it every three to five years. Helmets degrade with wear and tear. The padding can come loose. Minor dents and fissures can even put their safety at risk. The helmet also needs to fit their head without falling off. Young riders might need a new helmet even sooner as they continue to grow.

If your off-roader loves to ride for hours on end regardless of the weather, give them a forced-air helmet with a compatible forced-air pump to keep their face warm or cool, depending on the temperature. It creates a temperature-controlled bubble around their head to help them stay comfortable in the summer and winter.

4. Handguard Gauntlets

With temperatures dropping, they might need more than a good pair of gloves to keep their hands warm. Take things up a notch with heated handguard gauntlets, creating a warm nest for them to control the ATV. Riding around with cold hands can be dangerous. The guards attach to the handlebars, locking their muffs into position. The opening should be large enough for them to see the bars inside.

5. Moisture-Wicking Underlayers

Staying warm on an ATV is all about dressing in layers. That starts with a warm moisture-wicking underlayer made of wool, nylon or polyester. The fabric absorbs and quickly dries the moisture instead of sticking to their skin. Help them create the perfect ensemble with knitted flannels, fleeces and thermals they can wear over the first layer. Finish it off with a waterproof bodysuit tailored to match their personality or favorite racer. Shop for ATV riding gear to make sure they have everything they need to stay safe on the trail.

Find ATV Riding Gear for the Off-Roader in Your Life


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The holidays won’t be the same without a little adventure. These gifts are sure to fuel their passion for ATVing while reducing their risk of injury and cold stress. It’s the perfect opportunity to show them how much you care.