Motorcycle Commuter Gear: 5 Must-Have Items

Motorcycle Commuter Gear: 5 Must-Have Items

Did you know that some 80 million vehicles commute on American roads daily, but only 200,000 are motorcycles? If you commute to and from work on your motorcycle, you’re not alone, but you’re not exactly in the majority either. Let’s start with the benefits of commuting to work on two wheels instead of four. You’re bound to save money on gas, you won’t have as much trouble finding parking and you can weave through traffic to avoid being late. However, you won’t have all the comforts of being in a car, so you should take some precautions if you plan to drive to work on a motorcycle year-round. 

Use this guide to find the right accessories to make motorcycle commuting work for you.

Use Helmet Communication for a Safe Commute

1. Helmet and Goggles

You don’t have a seat belt, so you must do everything you can to protect yourself and prevent an accident. That means wearing a full-face or half-face helmet with goggles. The helmet will shield your head, and the goggles keep debris out of your eyes so you can see. Both items should be adjustable. Use the strap to securely fasten the helmet to your head. It shouldn’t slide or fall off when you bend over.

2. Proper Clothing

Cover as much of your body as possible to protect your skin from scrapes and cuts. You should be wearing long pants, a jacket or long-sleeve shirt, riding boots and gloves. No one wants to show up to work looking like they’ve been dragged through the mud! You can wear a waterproof lining over your work clothes or change into a new outfit when you get to the office. You should also be comfortable when riding. If your work pants or uniform constricts your movement, wear your normal clothes instead.

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3. Change of Clothes

Take the changing seasons into account as well. You will need to wear plenty of warm, insulating layers in the winter with a moisture-wicking undershirt to let the perspiration cool. Showing up sweaty is just part of the territory when it’s hot outside, so keep an extra pair of clothes on hand just in case.

4. Helmet Communication Device

Once you have your head and body covered, add a helmet communication device to simplify your commute. The headset makes it easy to send messages, take calls and check for directions while driving. It uses voice recognition to keep you connected to your mobile device. You shouldn’t reach for your phone or take your eyes off the road for any reason while riding, as this can increase the chance of accidents — especially when driving in the city.

Use the Cardo Packtalk Edge for the ultimate commute. It quickly mounts onto your helmet without blocking your view of the road. Just speak into the device to access the features of your phone. If your boss calls asking where you are, you can quickly and safely shoot them a text via speaking to the device. If you ever do get into an accident, you can call for help without having to physically reach for your device.

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Having a Bluetooth headset isn’t just about safety. It can also make your commute that much more enjoyable. You can use the device to listen to music, audiobooks or your favorite podcast to pass the time. Find a headset with quality JBL speakers to enjoy media during your trip without blocking out the sounds of the road.

5. Phone or GPS Mount

If you plan on accessing your phone or GPS during your trip, mount the device on your handlebars to keep it in view without taking your eyes off the road. You never know when you might need to find a new route to work due to traffic. Keep the map handy in case you run into an unexpected delay.

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Commuting to work on a motorcycle doesn’t have to be intimidating. If you have the right gear, you should be able to commute all year long. That means less time sitting in traffic and more time drinking your morning coffee. Use these must-have motorcycle accessories to give yourself some peace of mind.