Packtalk Neo vs. Edge: What's the Difference?

Packtalk Neo vs. Edge: What's the Difference?

If you’re looking to talk and connect hands-free while riding your motorcycle, Cardo Systems has you covered. The Cardo Packtalk Edge and Packtalk Neo are two of our best-selling wireless Bluetooth headsets. Both will serve you well on the road, but they come with a few key differences that can affect your final decision. Use our product comparison guide to learn about the differences between the Packtalk Edge vs. Neo.

Packtalk Neo vs. Edge: Differences


The first difference you’re bound to notice is the price. The Packtalk Edge comes in at $389.95, while the Neo has a price tag of $349.95. While they both offer the same technical features, the price tag differs due to the differences in mounting and warranties. More on that below.


Both devices are easy to mount regardless of what type of motorcycle helmet you own. However, the Edge uses an air mount while the Neo uses a standard clicking mount. The air mount is slightly more convenient because all you have to do is hold your device over the mount, let is snap on the mount and it will stay securely attached. The clickable mount requires you to slide the device into the sleeve on the mount until you hear a clicking sound. You don’t have to worry about your device falling off with either mount, but commuters tend to prefer the grab-and-go style of the air mount.

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The Packtalk Edge and Neo are both covered under the Cardo Systems warranty, which covers the cost of replacement/repairs. However, the Edge comes with a three-year warranty compared to a two-year warranty on the Neo. If you plan on regularly using your device for years to come, consider opting for a longer warranty to reduce the cost of repairs.

Packtalk Neo vs. Edge: Similarities

Packtalk Neo

Packtalk Neo


Packtalk Edge

Packtalk Edge



The Cardo Packtalk Edge and Neo have more in common than they do differences. They use 5.2 Bluetooth technology to send data over short distances. It’s the fastest, most reliable way to connect on or off the road. They also use universal connectivity with two channels for mobile phone and GPS. They also use second generation dynamic mesh communication (DMC) to connect anywhere from two to 15. Instead of connecting one rider to the next, it creates a direct link between you and every other person in your group, so you won’t lose a connection when someone falls out of range. The device will also automatically reconnect when you are in range.

These headsets also use natural voice operation, so you don’t have to physically interact with your device while riding. Just say, “Hey, Cardo” to strike up a conversation or access the features of your device.

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Both come with a rider-to-rider range of 1.6 km (1 mile), which shows you the maximum distance between each rider, and a max group range of 8 km (5 miles), which is the maximum distance between the first and last rider in the group.


No differences here. The Edge and Neo both come with our signature 40 mm speakers by JBL for a superior listening experience. The volume will automatically blend traffic noises with the sound of your music, podcast or conversation to help you stay safe behind the wheel.


The battery on these devices is the same. They both feature up to 13 hours of continuous talking time on a full charge. It charges in just two hours, with two hours of talk time after just 20 minutes of charging. It will also last on standby for up to 10 days.

Software Updates

They both come with the latest operating software, which can be updated via USB or over the air whenever you are connected to the internet.


They are also exactly the same size, measuring 46mm in height, 84mm in length and 23mm in depth, with a total weight of 47 grams.


You need a headset that can withstand wear and tear. Both devices are extremely durable and completely waterproof.

Packtalk Neo vs. Edge: Which Is Better?

The Packtalk Neo and Edge are similar in many ways, but riders who plan on driving every day or putting their device through the wringer will appreciate having an extra year of warranty protection. The air mount also makes it easier to take the device on and off your helmet.

biker using Cardo Packtalk Edge



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