Ducati Case Study

Ducati Case Study

Making every journey unforgettable with Ducati.

Making every journey unforgettable with Ducati


 Emerging from the desire to offer the Ducati community a high-quality communication accessory that seamlessly integrates with Ducati’s brand identity, Ducati and Cardo began working together with the very first Cardo Scala Rider.

Marking Cardo’s first brand partnership, the decision to collaborate with a motorcycle manufacturer on a co-branded unit with the flagship device of the time, was a natural choice.

Building on the strengths of each brand within the motorcycle industry, the partnership enhances overall brand awareness for both Ducati and Cardo.

Products used


Scala Rider Q3



The relationship with Ducati and Cardo is the longest OEM relationship held by the communications specialists with a motorcycle manufacturer to date. In 2018, the two powerhouse brands joined to create a specially-branded Q3 device.

The success of the Ducati Communication System V1 laid the foundations for the aptly-named Ducati Communication System V2 - based on the PACKTALK Bold device from Cardo. It was then natural evolution to bring the new flagship mesh device, the PACKTALK EDGE, to Ducatisti across the globe following its launch in 2023.

All the co-branded units have been customized especially for the iconic Italian brand with the unmistakable ‘Ducati-red’ shell.

Currently available for purchase is the Ducati Communication System V3, using the PACKTALK EDGE as the base, great features include Cardo’s proven reliable Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) connectivity, innovative Natural Voice Operation, 13-hour battery life and full integration with the Cardo Connect app.

Ducati described the product as: A synthesis of comfort, practicality and ease of use, to make every journey an unforgettable experience.”


Throughout the relationship, a full support package has been made available to Ducati with the option of technical training, marketing, PR and graphics to use for their promotion of the product.

Cardo was proud to showcase the Ducati device on their booth at Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori (EICMA), Italy, in November 2022.

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