[Support App] Cardo Connect

Control, configure and enjoy your ride!
Cardo Connect is a comprehensive yet intuitive interface to manage and control your Cardo Packtalk and Freecom communication systems.
Personalize your device, set all its various features and control it on the go with a clean, engaging and easy to use design.
Weather its Music, audio sharing, Radio, Dynamic Mesh (DMC) and Bluetooth intercom or phone control – Cardo Connect got you covered.
It even has a “secret” Quick Access button to enable full control of all the above from one screen!

Just try it out for yourself!

Cardo Connect selected features:

  • Remote Control for Dynamic Mesh and Bluetooth Intercoms
  • Phone, music and radio control
  • Auto day/night mode
  • Quick Access
  • Complete device setting, presets and customization.
  • Embedded pocket guides
  • Smart audio mix
  • Updates on latest firmware
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Reset device
  • Access to support