What to Do with an Old Motorcycle Helmet

What to Do with an Old Motorcycle Helmet

They say every motorcycle helmet tells a story, but that story doesn’t have to end when your helmet is no longer fit to wear. Like all gear, helmets gradually degrade over time with regular riding.

Do motorcycle helmets expire? It’s best to replace your helmet after five years of frequent use. You should also take it out of rotation if it has been involved in an accident. So, what are you supposed to do with your gear once it bites the dust?

Keep your old helmet in your life with these DIY tips and tricks:

Put It on Display

Every helmet you wear represents a distinct chapter in your life, so you might want to hold on to it for sentimental purposes. Try hanging your helmets on the wall in your garage or rec room using a D ring. Some helmets also have signature stickers and engravings that remind you of previous experiences on the road. Arrange the helmets chronologically to chart your progress over the years.

cardo unit on helmet


Make It Wireless

Your helmet will also double as a wireless headset when you use a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth kit. Just attach the receiver to the side of the helmet using the included mount to talk to your companions hands-free. It’s perfect for keeping in touch with riders when you’re not behind the wheel. It will automatically connect to other devices when in range, so you don’t have to keep resetting the device. Use the Cardo Packtalk Edge to connect to up to 15 riders at a time. From tour groups to sharing tips in real time, there are so many ways to give your helmet a second life.

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Test Out New Designs

If you feel like getting creative or want to learn how to paint your own motorcycle helmet, start out by painting over the back of your old one. Be sure to clean off the surface of the helmet before applying paint to the surface, including any old stickers or decals. Use acrylic or spray paint to bring new designs and creations to life. Practice makes perfect. Use this opportunity to perfect your idea before you recreate it on the real thing. You can also turn the helmet into a work of art. Treat the helmet like a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless. All you need is a little inspiration.

Break It Down (Preferably on Camera)

Motorcycle helmets are known for their durability but they’re not exactly indestructible. If your helmet is on its way out, this is your chance to crack it open so you can get to the juicy center. You might be curious to know how the helmet was made or how much pressure it can withstand before it starts to crumble. Try gradually increasing the weight to see how much it can hold.

You can also go to town on the helmet with a chainsaw, jackhammer or any number of power tools. Just be sure to wear safety goggles and encourage others to maintain a safe distance. This is best done outdoors or in well-ventilated areas. If you are going to break apart your helmet, you might as well do it on camera. Post the clip on social media to share your findings with other motorcycle aficionados. You might just go viral! Don’t forget to clean up your mess when you’re done.

Recycle It

When in doubt, you can always recycle your old helmet or give it away to someone in need. Driving schools, first responders and nonprofit organizations might have value for the helmet even though it’s past its prime, assuming it is still safe to use. If the helmet is unfit to wear, contact your local recycling center to see if they will take it.

Make It Glow

You can also turn the helmet into a lampshade or stand. To use it as a base, screw a hole in the top of the helmet and string a light fixture or rod through the opening before reattaching the shade. If you want to shine light through the design, cut several holes into the top of the helmet. Remove all the padding from inside the helmet and place it on a lamp stand with a wire bracket surrounding the bulb.

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Helmets may not last forever, but they don’t have to wind up in the trash. Use these tips to recycle or upcycle your helmet instead of throwing it away.

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