5 Motorcycle Photography Tips

5 Motorcycle Photography Tips

Love motorcycles? Then you’ve probably seen a ton of them on social media. Influencers, novices and major brands use these channels to showcase new products, tricks and destinations. You can get in on the trend by taking photographs of your motorcycle. It’s a great way to meet other gearheads who share your passion. Some brands might even pay you to sponsor or advertise their products on your channel. 

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to start shooting, but these motorcycle photography tips will help you get the most out of your content. Learn how to capture the perfect shot to make your photos stand out.

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1. Keep It Simple

The truth is most people will only spend a few seconds looking at your content. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you post. That’s why companies are producing simple content that doesn’t look overly rehearsed, including product shots, item updates or even something as straightforward as a bike overlooking the sunset. It’s better to post often than to labor over every shot.

Photos of still motorcycles tend to do a better job of capturing the moment, but you can also take pictures of riders in motion. You can try using a high-speed camera to get action shots or the motion blur feature. Use a long telephoto lens to create more depth of field and raise the shutter speed to quickly capture individual moments. Try shooting in bursts of three or four photos to get the full range of motion.

Two European young girls bikers meeting at street with greeting gesturesSource: Kekyalyaynen/Shutterstock.com

2. Coordinate with Your Crew

Posting pictures of your bike with no one on it will get old. You can use a tripod to take the photo yourself via the timer feature, hire a model or have someone take the photo for you. Working with another person you more flexibility. You can quickly adjust the angle and look at the photo while it’s being taken.

Use motorcycle helmet communication to direct the model or actor in real-time, especially when shooting from a distance. The device fits onto their gives helmet without distracting from the shot. Just speak into the headset to have the model get into the right position.

3. Highlight Your Equipment

You don’t have to be a major brand to show off your gear. Audiences want to know what kind of equipment you’re using. You can make recommendations or review items to help your followers find the best products. Feature the name of the manufacturer in the post using a hashtag or mention so companies and consumers find your content. If you’re focusing on a particular product, try to get the brand name in the shot in case audiences don’t read the description.

4. Add a Narrative

Every picture tells a story. Find a throughline for your content to keep audiences coming back for more. You could document your travels on a road trip, release tips and guides or try to master the latest tricks. Creating a theme will help you plan out your posts so you don’t run out of ideas.

5. Feature Your Personality

You will likely be the central character in the story, so don’t be afraid to show off your personality. Spice things up with a fun pose or your signature sense of style. Learn how to paint a motorcycle helmet to stand out from the crowd.

People are more interested in who’s taking the photos and why than just pure aesthetics. Use the text at the bottom of the screen to add commentary to your adventures so people feel more connected to you as a person. Authenticity is key when it comes to building a following online. If you come across as overly salesy or stiff, viewers might start to lose interest. Share your feelings and process to document the truth of your experience.

motorcyclist sitting next to motorcycleSource

Designing your motorcycle photography all depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Corporate sponsors prefer clean, simple shots while online audiences crave authenticity. Keep these tips in mind to make a splash wherever you share your content.

Use Motorcycle Communication to Coordinate Your Shots