How to Improve Your Motorcycle Gas Mileage

By making some adjustments to your riding style and your motorcycle, you can get more fuel savings and have to fill up your tank less often. A few small changes can save you a lot in the long-term and can help your bike run better and longer overall.

Check Your Tire Pressure

All bikes have a recommended tire PSI. Despite what your aftermarket seller may tell you, for the best performance, keep your tires at the pressure suggested by the manufacturer. Tires with low air pressure cause drag, which means the bike needs more fuel to move.

Stay Up to Date on Maintenance

Stay up to date on regular maintenance, including oil changes, oil and air filter replacements and all other manufacturer-recommended upkeep. Regular maintenance helps your engine work better and prolongs fuel economy. It also keeps you safe, whether it is a road trip with your biking buddies or running errands around town.

Check your air filters regularly and get rid of the paper filter that comes with the bike. A clogged filter is usually the cause of many mileage troubles. Use a renewable air filter to keep your bike breathing fully to expend fuel properly.

Ensure all gauges and indicators on your bike are working correctly. If you are riding with a small group of two to four riders, the FREECOM 4+ provides a seamless way for you to stay in contact with your group or partner if you notice you are low on gas.

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Remove Extra Weight

Because motorcycles are smaller than cars, extra weight on them affects fuel consumption much more. If you have parts on your motorcycle’s body that are unnecessary and weighing it down, removing them may give you better mileage overall. The extra weight can add up consistently and cost you a lot more over time.

Easy on the Throttle

Driving motorcycles at high speeds, or accelerating quickly, is a lot of fun and very tempting. However, this increases your fuel consumption. What you gain in adrenaline, you spend in dollars.

Generally speaking, motorcycles can get about 50 miles per gallon. If your fuel consumption is important to you, drive more conservatively and you will notice an immediate change in your fuel mileage. Running your engine at high RPMs uses a lot more fuel than accelerating normally and maintaining a constant speed.

Take the Highway

Just like cars, city driving can increase your fuel consumption. Slowing down and speeding up at intersections or in traffic jams dramatically decreases your motorcycle’s fuel efficiency. Taking the highway allows you to maintain a constant speed at low RPMs and improve your overall gas mileage. Frequent braking means frequent acceleration, that in turn, heightens gas mileage.

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Fuel Up and Head Out

Making some basic adjustments can help prolong the life of your fuel tank and your bike. Better gas mileage means less time at the gas station and more time on the road. For those concerned with higher performance, these tips can help your bike run more smoothly and for a longer time.

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